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Expression of National interest

Extension of penal of debt recovery of nationalized banks


Our perceptions extension of penal for Debt recovery of nationalized banks to expression for national interest.

Whose unemployed interested persons following qualifications of candidate have minimum qualification 10th pass any discipline/Board and above preferable with recent good character certificate by district magistrate or chief metropolitan magistrate of India with strictly is age group minimum 18 & 45 years old complete allowed. Candidate can join above mentioned tuition/learn/know-how experience coaching and field basis official trainings course and get a certificate and marks sheet known as the DRA certificate and marks sheet improved by IIBF, IBA, RBI, GoI and hon’ble courts of India.

After getting certificate of DRA can join sub agent though our penal & any nationalized banks or financial institutions of India for most important national interest. Because our country and worldwide banking system decrypted by NPA & Debt write – off  as pass by national authorities in multiple many lakhs crore, so our moto its break-up in India and wants educated and trained manpower’s in my above moto you get honorable dignity and constitutional provisions empowerment and remunerations/salary/pay/ commission etc depend yours requirements.


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